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        Meeting Touch Panel

        Meeting Touch Panel integrates with display, wireless projection, handwriting and drawing, remote meetings, OS switching and other functions. It can even combine with surrounding devices by software, to easily create a very high-efficiency working environment.

        KEY Feature

        Touch and display integrated, supports multiplayer interaction

        Supports up to 10 points simultaneous infrared touch control, meets the demands of multiplayer interaction. Full HD LED brings excellent quality pictures and prominent details performance.

        Easily save and share the meeting summery

        Any meeting contents can be saved to local in real time with only one clicking. Scanning the code just taking it away.

        Multi-devices interaction, real-time transmission

        Any information in computer, smartphone or tablet etc. can be real-time transmit to the device by one click and share between multiple devices based on its built-in wireless interactive software.

        3D acoustic enjoyment, high definition view

        The meeting touch panel presents a fantastic visual and auditory performance at the cinema level, giving you a 3D, realistic and relax feeling when you have meetings.


        Bundle Software

        Meeting Touch Panel

        Smart Answering Suite

        File management