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        Multimedia Interactive Display Terminal

        Multimedia Interactive Display Terminal is a professional audio-visual touch and interactive system to release all kinds of information related to school education, commercial business and social concern etc. through the display terminal, which can be placed in high-end shopping malls, schools, hotel lobbies, airports ,hospitals and other public places.

        KEY Feature

        High Quality assurance, friendly using-experience

        International brand LED HD display panel configured to ensure better display quality and lower power consumption.

        Intelligent releasing and interaction integration system

        Touching the screen to inquire and read any information as you want. It is very convenient for real-time news released and advertised.

        Multi-Touch support, sensitive input Identification

        Multi-point infrared touch technology links to fast response speed,strong light resistance, and drive free features contribute to quite sensitive input Identification.

        Powerful Dual operation system

        Windows and Android dual operation system, high performance processors, extremely smooth multimedia playing experience.

        Bundle Software

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