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        UU Note

        UU Note serves as a kind of portable recording tool for the teaching application of teachers, including hardware(UU Board)and software (APP). With only papers and UU Board, teachers can record their microlecture at any time any where .With ordinary pen and paper writing, the track and sound of writing are recorded.

        KEY Feature

        Simple operation

        With only one pen, and papers, teachers can record the micro-lectures at any time easily. Files can be saved offline after recording and be played in normal player.

        High compatibility

        Supports different types of terminal device and compatible with Android、 IOS、Windows operation system.

        One click Sharing

        Easily share the recoding files through any social network software like Facebook,Tweeter,QQ, Wechat, and Microblog by one-click.

        Support multiple application

        Suitable for many teaching demonstrations, like flipped classroom, interaction classroom, test and knowledge analysis.


        The microlecture recorded files are small, interactive and easy to be managed.

        Bundle Software

        LCD Display system

        UUnote PC software

        UUnote Mobile software