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        Quality Course Recording System

        As a new type of intelligent recording and broadcasting equipment, CV Micro-leture Recording AIO is made up of Interactive smart tablet, OPS computer, HD TV, HD camera, overall pick-up and general control panel. It's beneficial for both teachers and students to teach and learn at any time.

        KEY Feature

        Recording in various formats

        It can support simultaneously records for single data stream files and multiple data stream files , high code data stream and low code data stream as well as MP4 /FLV/TS/AVI /MKV/MOV format file recording.

        High integration in functions

        Integrated equipment embedded image tracking, real-time recording, real-time live broadcast, request broadcast, touch screen control, local monitoring, click to track and more other functions.

        300 channels live broadcast

        Recording mainframe with high-quality chips can reach up to 300 channels IP live broadcast without any extra server installed, even combines with the recording cloud platform ,live broadcast can add to over 3000 channels.

        Live broadcast watched anywhere

        It can support various mobile terminal play covering from iPhone, iPad to Android that people can enjoy live broadcast whenever connected into the host web IP address.

        Bundle software

        Recording system software

        Smart Answering Suite

        Teaching course