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        Micro-lecture Recording AIO

        As a new type of intelligent recording and broadcasting equipment, CV Micro-leture Recording AIO is made up of Interactive smart tablet, OPS computer, HD TV, HD camera, overall pick-up and general control panel. It's beneficial for both teachers and students to teach and learn at any time.

        KEY Feature

        Simultaneous recording, rea-time broadcast

        Video, audio and PC screen shot can be intended to record simultaneously towards into one single file and broadcast in real-time mode. It's easy for users to watch the on-site video and pictures in web browser or media player.

        One-click control

        Device should be start-up, suspend, and stop in one-click button through the general control panel and embedded touch software. Wherever teachers are, they can work anywhere.

        Automatic switching in smart and flexible way

        In cooperation with HD camera, device will move with teacher position and get pictures capture to generate to be video by tracking, analysis, automatically pictures switching technology.

        Intelligent directed broadcast

        It can be indicated in automatic and personnel way that system will help you switch the one you want among multiple pictures.

        Bundle Software

        Recording system software

        Smart Study device

        Recording device